Economy and Industry
Oral arguments in the civil suit filed by Formosa Plastics Group (FPG) affiliates, the Formosa Chemicals & Fiber Corporation and Mailiao Power Corporation, against Professor TSUANG Ben-jei of National Chung Hsing University will be held at courtroom 25 of the Taipei District Court on 3:00 PM, August 29, 2013.
Economy and Industry
On Feb. 1, 2013, Taipei District Court Judge Zheng Yu-ren (鄭昱仁) declared an end to preparatory proceedings in the civil suit filed by two Formosa Plastic Group (FPG) affiliates against Prof. Tsuang Ben-jei for harm to their reputations. This marks the end of a preparatory proceeding period which has lasted nearly 10 months for a total of six hearings. Pending confirmation of some materials by both sides, a date will soon be set for oral arguments.
Energy and Resource
As we are nearing the second anniversary of the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster, Taiwan’s government still has not yet taken its lesson from Japan’s catastrophe and insists on going ahead with the operation and construction of nuclear power plants in Taiwan.
Economy and Industry
Climate  change  and  environment  issues  have  an  unquestionably  close  link  to human  rights.  As  Taiwan  is  located  in  a  region  especially  sensitive  to  climatic change,  directly  addressing  the  relationship  between  climate  change, environmental issues, and human rights is all the more pressing. This alternative reply is a joint submission from Wild at Heart Legal Defense Association, Taiwan, an  environmental  law  group  with  a  focus  on  environmental  and  social sustainability,  and  Taiwan  Rural  Front  (TRF),  an  organization  which  works  on issues  of  land  justice,  ecological  sustainability,  agricultural  development,  and conditions for farmers. We believe that both the Taiwanese government’s Initial Report to the ICCPR and ICRSCR show insufficient concern for climate change issues  and  are  furthermore  ambiguous  with  regard  to  environmental  and  land conflicts  in  recent  years,  which  in  fact  have  seriously  violated  the  rights  of Taiwanese citizens to life, an adequate standard of living, health, and property, as well as their legal rights to due process and public participation. In our submission, we  specify  three  major  areas  of  neglect:  national  land-use  programs,  land expropriation policy, and a lack of transparency obstructing public participation in decision-making  process.  Through  the  examination  process,  we  hope  that  the Taiwanese  government  will  be  urged  to  address  these  issues  with  concrete reforms.
Human And Society
2013-01-29 Emily McKee
Emotions ran high after the announcement, on December 22nd, that the Environmental Impact Assessment was approved for the Miramar Resort on Shanyuan beach.  Since the first EIA was controversially approved for the already half completed development in 2007, it has been declared illegitimate twice by the courts on the grounds that the Taitung government sought to exert influence on the process by appointing several members to the committee who were Taitung officials in support of the Miramar project. The credibility of the panel appointment process has been tainted because of this and as such it came as no big surprise that the newly convened panel gave the green light once again. For the members of the local community and different organized groups who have been protesting the construction it was a dark day of heartbreak and frustration.