2016-07-28 Joas Platteeuw
Abstract Different articles explain the emergence of legal safeguards for Taiwan‘s indigenous peoples, and how the promulgation of indigenous laws can be understood from a political point of view. This article builds on these previous writings, while simultaneously scrutinizing indigenous laws from a legal pluralist perspective. In so doing, academic articles, newspapers, and policy documents used as sources.  
Economy and Industry
2016-04-06 Quentin M
  Five years ago, many governments panicked with Japan following the nuclear disaster that struck Fukushima. The risk of contamination made the world reconsider the safety of nuclear power plants, opening the way to the development of safer sustainable alternatives. Over the past five years, most European countries have come up with programs to reduce nuclear power production. Some, like Italy, even completely stopped their atomic production and shut down all their nuclear reactors.
Policy Analysis
More movie theatres and department stores are what Taipei needs the least. What makes a great city isn’t the amount of amazing large-scale constructions it has, but rather whether or not its public infrastructures can equally satisfy everyone. The people of New York are more proud of their city’s Central Park, which serves as the lung for the metropolis, than of their Yankee Stadium. Besides, more people could enjoy a public park than pricey baseball games.   What about Taiwan then?