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Isn’t It Time the Legal Community Spoke Up?

I was born in the US, and while I may be what most Taiwanese think of as a typical foreigner, the criticisms of how the “American way of life,” based as it is on exce...詳全文

Introduction to 'An Unreasonable Woman': What will it take?

Everyday I ask the same questions over and over again: why are people doing this? Why are persons with education, money, intelligence, position, power, good intentions and other...詳全文

Thank You EPA!

Chinese version: 對行政院環境保護署環境影響評估審查委員會第137次會議的心得與收穫   We poor Taiwanese I was really upset after the 19 December Environmental Impact Assessment Commission (EIAC) meeti...詳全文

Environmental Education: Personal Pain

Environmental Education - Feeling the Pain On seeing the children play with electronic toys that make electronic noises – I thought about how much they are missing and wh...詳全文

Radical Reduction of Waste

As you know, regulations have recently taken effect in Taiwan that are designed to facilitate waste reduction. You may also have heard the expression “there is no such th...詳全文

Defenders of Taiwan

The people of Taiwan oppose China’s threats of violence. Meanwhile all living things in both countries are crying out to the people to cease their continuous use of violenc...詳全文

Thank you Taiwan!

Chinese version: 感謝台灣?糟蹋台灣?   Thank you, Taiwan, for letting our members like General Electric sell you nuclear power plants, without having to solve the problem of nucl...詳全文

The War Against the Wild-Time To Do Something!

"All things good are wild and free," wrote Henry David Thoreau 150 years ago. Yet in the ensuing years we have witnessed a bizarre and deadly acceleration of the war ag...詳全文

The Day After Tomorrow – Can We Save Taiwan?

Many thanks to both the National Federation of Taiwan Bar Associations and the Taipei Bar Association. Some time ago, Mr. Thomas S.K. Chan and our association floated the idea of...詳全文