Su Hua Highway Update

The local press reports that the Taiwan Area National Expressway Engineering Bureau of the MOTC has filed an application to restart the Su Hua Highway project. There does not seem to be central government consensus on this however the local Hualian politicians, including candidates for the year end legislative elections and the members of the County Assembly are lobbying like there's no tomorrow. Well, it does fit in with Taiwan's passion for building stuff just because the capacity is there, but one resident of Hualian is speaking out and the Wild continues to support a number of initiatives to put the road to rest for good. Chen Yi-ling's (陳怡伶) letter to the China Times was published today and she has agreed to let us post it on our site.

And while we are at it, the TANEEB should be disbanded immediately, or better yet, let's keep all the jobs for those who want them and have those engineers and workers figure out how to best dismantle as many highways as possible and recycle the used materials, or if that doesn't generate enough ways to spend money they can consider spending it on changing the roads they don't dismantle to elevated highways that will allow the passage of flora and fauna.