Central Science Park Phase 4 Report 1: Changhua and Yunlin County Residents Protest Against Industrial Effluent Discharge Plans

Christina MacFarquhar In response to protest by residents, farmers and aquaculture farmers in Changhua County against effluent discharge plans from a major high-tech more

EPA Lacks Guts to Follow Through with Own Dolphin Impact Meetings

Christina more

Discussion with the military on dolphin impacts

On 2 June, representatives from Wild at Heart, Changhua Environmental Protection Union and Matsu’s Fish Conservation Union met with officials from the Ministry of more

Taiwan Military Fires Directly into Critically Endangered Humpback Dolphin Habitat

Kyodo News reported today: "Taiwan's military fired grenades and mortar shells into a key habitat for endangered dolphins during live-fire exercises Wednesday, an more

Images of Taichung Coal-Fired Power Plant, May 2009

See the Save the Humpback dolphin blog* for recent images of Taichung coal-fired power plant (the biggest CO2-emitting power plant in the world), whose effluent flows into more