Highway Would Ravage East Coast

"Highway would ravage east coast", an editorial on the Su Hua Highway written by Robin Winkler and Eric Chung, appeared in the December 19, 2003 issue of the Taipei more

Birdlife International Reports on the Plight of the Pitta

Birdlife International, a global partnership of conservation organizations, reports on the Fairy Pitta and how one of its major breeding grounds is threatened by the Hushan more

Crying Trees: In Memory of the Trees on Hsin-Yi Road, Taipei

What is it that lends Tun-Hua North and South Roads, Jen-Ai Road and Yang-De Boulevard their noble beauty? And what makes the real estate along those stretches the priciest in more

The Hushan Damnation of the Fairy Pitta

It is a well-known fact that the area in Yunlin County in which the Hushan Dam is to be built is geologically unstable. Many nature lovers will also be aware of the importance more

Stop the Hushan Dam, Save the Fairy Pitta and Taiwan Indigene

By S.C. Wu and Ching-chun Chen Board of Directors Wild Bird Society of Yunlin County, more

People of Hualian, why aren’t you pissed off?

People of Hualien, why aren’t you pissed off? Chen Yi-Ling Do we build the Suhua Highway? While that question remains open it is certain that as the legislative more

Su Hua Highway Update


Suhua Highway: Second Environmental Impact Report

According to a report in The Liberty Times (自由時報) on 4/10/04, the National Expressway Engineering Bureau (國工局) is planning to resume construction of the Suhua Highway next more