Panda Preservation in Taiwan: Helping Sink the Flagship

Note: A version of this piece is featured in the Taipei Times as a letter to the more

Thank You EPA!

Chinese version: 對行政院環境保護署環境影響評估審查委員會第137次會議的心得與收穫   We poor more

Pandas for You and Me

Yesterday I went to Taipei City Zoo to see the animals. Not those in the animal "houses", but those outside in the open, milling around with their young, having more

The Value of a River? Ghost Language.

When speaking with people we need to use "people logic;" when speaking with "ghosts" we need to use "ghost logic."1 While maintaining more

Pandas: An Offer Taiwan May Not Refuse?

In response to the recent publication by the Chinese Forestry Bureau of names selected for the pandas China wishes to send to Taiwan, in addition to the announcement by Taipei more

Do We Need an EE Law?

Legislators and the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) have proposed a "draft EE (environmental education) law". Several hearings have been held on the more

An Island-wide Energy Blowout Party

To: The National Energy Conference From: Robin Winkler Taiwan Wild at Heart Legal Defense Association 21 June 2005 Time to Question Assumptions (2): more

Toxic Cleanup


Why We Oppose Jiyang Artificial Lake

In their publication, "Why we oppose Jiyang Artificial Lake" (我們為甚 麼反對吉洋人工湖), Professors Li Gen-Jheng and Lin Dai-Jin analyze the Taiwanese government's policy more