Policy Analysis

Policy Analysis

Policy Analysis

【Buy Nothing Christmas】 — There’s so much more you can do than overconsumption

【Buy Nothing Christmas】 — There’s so much more you can do than overconsumption The “Zero Waste Christmas” Reverse Graffiti Activity by Wild at Heart...read more

Why We Don’t Need the Taipei Dome

More movie theatres and department stores are what Taipei needs the least. What makes a great city isn’t the amount of amazing large-scale constructions it has, but...read more

The Judicial Evaluation Committee: A Paper Tiger

Judge Zhan Jun-hong of Taiwan's High Court told a defendant in his courtroom that if the defendant withdrew an appeal of the decision, Justice Zhan would make the sentence...read more

Winkler Sues EPA

Robin Winkler, in his role as director of the Taiwan Wild at Heart Legal Defense Association, joined an alliance of several environmental NGOs in filing a demand letter to...read more

Press Release 28 March 2006

This press relesase was issued after the press conference held on 28 March 2006 regarding opposition to interference by the Executive Yuan into the professional work of the EIA...read more

Thank You EPA!

Chinese version: 對行政院環境保護署環境影響評估審查委員會第137次會議的心得與收穫   We poor Taiwanese...read more

Do We Need an EE Law?

Legislators and the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) have proposed a "draft EE (environmental education) law". Several hearings have been held on the...read more