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Nuclear power is not the answer

When Typhoon Nesat slammed into the nation late last month, a power transmission tower used by Ho-Ping Power Co toppled over, causing a drop of 1.3 gigawatts (GW) in more

March 9th, March with Us Say No to Nuclear Power Plants

As we are nearing the second anniversary of the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster, Taiwan’s government still has not yet taken its lesson from Japan’s catastrophe more

2013 CCPR&ESCR Report Review: 2012 Shadow Report on Nuclear Safety

We believe that the Report oversimplifies the actual conditions of nuclear safety in Taiwan, stating simply that “the government should take incidents such as more

Nuclear power not worth the risks

It is well known that Taiwan has too many electricity plants and that the amount of electricity produced is greater than required. ( ▲ The site of Taiwan's first, more

An Island-wide Energy Blowout Party

To: The National Energy Conference From: Robin Winkler Taiwan Wild at Heart Legal Defense Association 21 June 2005 Time to Question Assumptions (2) more

Plans for Nuclear Waste Dumping in Taiwan

"Whether it's inner-city America or a remote Aboriginal village in Taiwan, toxic and other waste often ends up dumped near the poorest, most marginalized more

Wild at Heart Founder Quoted in Energy Debate Report

Wild at Heart Legal Defense Association founder Robin Winkler was recently quoted in a Bloomberg article, "Taiwan Energy Talks Pit Ma Against Nuclear Opponents", more

Taipower Coal Purchasing Documents Audaciously Stolen on the Eve of Control Yuan Investigation

The Taiwan Power Company (Taipower), with its monopoly on power provision and about 60 percent of the nation's energy production, has had some of its antics brought into more

Taroko Gorge Hot Springs Saved from the Drills

Christina MacFarquhar Sakadang River, Taroko Gorge (18.6.06) more