Habitat and Ecology

Habitat and Ecology

(照片:台灣白海豚 / 楊世主攝)

Birds of Huben

Click here to download a list of birds recorded in the Huben area, which is to be flooded as part of the Hushan Dam project....read more

The Hushan Dam


Who wrung the river dry?

The following is an excerpt from "Who wrung the river dry?", a book by Li Gen-jheng, director of the Ecological Education Center in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, about the...read more

A Letter to President Chen Re: the Fairy Pitta

Chen Shui-Bian, President of the Republic of China Re: Impact of Hushan dam project on Huban Important Bird Area Honorable Sir, BirdLife International is a global...read more

Panda Preservation in Taiwan: Helping Sink the Flagship

Note: A version of this piece is featured in the Taipei Times as a letter to the editor....read more

Pandas for You and Me

Yesterday I went to Taipei City Zoo to see the animals. Not those in the animal "houses", but those outside in the open, milling around with their young, having...read more

Pandas: An Offer Taiwan May Not Refuse?

In response to the recent publication by the Chinese Forestry Bureau of names selected for the pandas China wishes to send to Taiwan, in addition to the announcement by Taipei...read more

Birdlife International Reports on the Plight of the Pitta

Birdlife International, a global partnership of conservation organizations, reports on the Fairy Pitta and how one of its major breeding grounds is threatened by the Hushan Dam...read more

The Hushan Damnation of the Fairy Pitta

It is a well-known fact that the area in Yunlin County in which the Hushan Dam is to be built is geologically unstable. Many nature lovers will also be aware of the importance...read more