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Wild and our sister organisations at the Matsu's Fish Conservation Union are working hard to protect Taiwan's critically endangered pink dolphins, otherwise known as the "Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins", or "Matsu's Fish". The less than one hundred dolphins that remain in the population are resident along Taiwan's heavily industrialized west coast and are subjected to a wide range of human impacts including toxic pollution, underwater noise, entanglement and drowning in fishing nets, deterioration of estuarine ecosystems and loss of habitat through land reclamation.

For a quick overview see the new short film: "Taiwan's Critically Endangered Pink Dolphins in 2010".

We have achieved a great deal in the last three years in terms of increasing awareness and pushing the government to consider the dolphins when making plans for the west coast. But enormous challenges still lie ahead, with even more destructive fishing practices and large-scale land reclamation and factory construction planned for the area.

We need help from the public, both in terms of spreading the word, and letting the government know you are watching. We are about to launch a new petition and we hope you will sign it or send a personalized version to government ministers.

We are also appealing for much-needed donations to support our lobbying, educational and research activities. Our new 2010 fundraising proposals can be accessed at the links below. They both provide details of our activities, so even if you aren't looking to donate you may find them worth reading!

Click here to read Matsu's Fish Conservation Union's 2010 Conservation Action Fundraising Proposal.

Click here to read our fundraising proposal to support the vital Pink Dolphin Monitoring Project.