The Sound Earth Foundation

The Sound Earth Foundation is a Pittsburgh-based, non-profit information network striving to educate the public about our direct relationship to the...read more

Environmental Organizations in Taiwan

There are hundreds of "environmental NGOs" in Taiwan. Some are sponsored by the government, some by business, and some by donations and th...read more

Car Free Network

World Car Free Network Wild is a member organization of the World Car Free Network, an international organization devoted to exploring alternative...read more

McDonald's Lovin' Taiwan's Grease-friendly Government

By Christina MacFarquhar Dr. Cathy Kapica, Global Nutrition Director of McDonald’s corporation, was not seen publicly burning copies of Eric...read more

"Creating" Jobs

From E.F. Schumacher's Small is Beautiful, p. 53 The Buddhist point of view takes the function of work to be at least threefold: to give a per...read more

Recycling Natural Principles

Each policy of Wild at Heart is based on two nonnegotiable principles: 1) humans are but one species in a community of vast numbers and diversity. W...read more

The Pinglin Interchange

The environmentally sensitive Pinglin area, which supplies much of Taipei with clean water, is in danger of being opened to increased traffic (and s...read more

Environmental Education: Personal Pain

Environmental Education - Feeling the Pain On seeing the children play with electronic toys that make electronic noises – I thought about ho...read more

Radical Reduction of Waste

As you know, regulations have recently taken effect in Taiwan that are designed to facilitate waste reduction. You may also have heard the express...read more

Defenders of Taiwan

The people of Taiwan oppose China’s threats of violence. Meanwhile all living things in both countries are crying out to the people to cease t...read more