New from Wild Propaganda®: Consumption and Climate Change

Story of Stuff with Annie Leonard Together with Taiwan Watch and the Taiwan Green Party we have produced the kanji character subtitles for Annie Le...read more

Open Letter on Erosion of Justice in Taiwan

Note: This letter was also published in the "Taipei Times" on 6 Nov 2008 Thursday, Nov 06, 2008 The undersigned, scholars and writ...read more

Robin's Take on Taiwan's News

Premier Liu calls for shoppers to boost economy (Taipei Times 19.10.08 p. 3) Premier Liu, in the midst of Taiwan's teetering on the brink of...read more

Taipei Times Interview with Wild Director

In a profile in today's Taipei Times, Wild at Heart Legal Defense Association director Robin Winkler shares some of his ideas on protecting the...read more

Robin's Comment on the News

No plans to ban transfats (See Taipei Times 28.07.08 CNA report p2). The nation's approach to protecting the health of its citizens and reside...read more

Second Global Greens Congress

Green Party Taiwan's Su-hsin Tsui addressing the Global Greens Congress on 3 May 2008 in São Paulo, Brazil, on the future of the Global...read more

Discussion on Vegetarianism and Global Warming

The Green Party Taiwan and Wild at Heart Legal Defense Association will sponsor a discussion on vegetarianism's role in dealing with global warm...read more

What Ma Ying-jeou Isn't Telling

The following translation is an account of an interview with Robin Winkler, a naturalized Taiwanese citizen and former EPA commissioner, founder of...read more

CO2 Pollution for Taiwan Forever

Taiwan's being named by Nature magazine as producing the largest amount of CO2 emissions of any power plant prompted a member of the enviro...read more

Small Victory in Narmada Valley

For those of us following the Narmada valley tragedy as documented in Franny Armstrong's film Drowned Out (available with Chinese language subti...read more