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Summary of the Taipei District Court’s Verdict on Taiwan RCA's Second Group of Plaintiffs  Ya-Ying Tsai (Attorney at law)  27 December 2019  Translation by Paul Jobin (Academia Sinica) and Hsin-Hsing Chen (Shih-Hsing University)
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【Buy Nothing Christmas】 — There’s so much more you can do than overconsumption The “Zero Waste Christmas” Reverse Graffiti Activity by Wild at Heart Legal Defense Association & the Society of Wilderness
Habitat and Ecology
News update Taiwanese white dolphin: International Collaboration for Recovery Plan
Energy and Resource
Voting to repurpose mothballed power plant By Tsai Ya-ying 蔡雅瀅 Two referendums on the mothballed Fourth Nuclear Power Plant in New Taipei City’s Gongliao District (貢寮) might be held concurrently with next year’s presidential election.
Energy and Resource
    1. High Court Decisions Affirmed   Q1. Which parts of the court decisions are affirmed? Decision is affirmed and final for 262 plaintiffs, the 111 plaintiffs of Group A (namely spouses and children of deceased former RCA workers) and 151 plaintiffs of Group B (namely former RCA workers who have been diagnosed with grave illnesses). They are rewarded with different amounts in compensation by the Taiwan High Court Decision of October 27, 2017.