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The Hushan Dam

Plans were first laid to submerge You-cing Valley in December 1994. Located in the Hushan area, 10 km south-east of Douliu City in Yunlin County, the valley would be filled with...詳全文

TAIC toxic pollution disaster: some compensation….

On 27 January 2006, residents of Hsiengong and Luermen townships in Tainan County received a long-awaited first installment of compensation from the EPA. The monthly sum of NT...詳全文

Panda Preservation in Taiwan: Helping Sink the Flagship

Note: A version of this piece is featured in the Taipei Times as a letter to the editor. China’s State Forestry Administration announced on 6 January 2006 that two giant...詳全文

Pandas for You and Me

Yesterday I went to Taipei City Zoo to see the animals. Not those in the animal "houses", but those outside in the open, milling around with their young, having tempora...詳全文