Robin's Comment on the News

No plans to ban transfats
(See Taipei Times 28.07.08 CNA report p2). The nation's approach to protecting the health of its citizens and residents (we will do anything as long as it doesn't inconvenience the powers that be – i.e., the industrial gods and a goliaths who can't bear to see Taiwan take care of the rest of us at the expense of their and their families' profits and lifestyle).
This could also be an indicator of how the new regime would like we Taiwanese to view ourselves – a phrase that was commonly heard prior to 2000 was "大不死的蟑螂", loosely translated as "a cockroach with nine lives" to describe our fellow countrymen. Basically this had the result of perpetuating the idea that what may be toxic to the rest of the world really isn't so bad for us Taiwanese. Another phrase, still commonly heard is "習慣就好", ("we'll get used to it") or (well, get used to it).

Inability to protect the nation's newest national park.
(See Taipei Times 28.07.08 CNA report p2). Another one of the multitude of classic and sad examples of the often heard, "the laws are in place, there is just no enforcement" (有法律之不過是執行不彰). So there you have typical behavior, set up a national park, spend lots and lots of money and resources to do it, and then don't provide for adequate funding, human and other resources to follow up and maintain the park.