Three ?s for Acer from Environmental NGOs

Pollution at this End, Greenwash on the Other End Expose Acer’s Disguise of CSR

Over the years Acer has transformed itself from a manufacturer into a company that focuses on the global marketing of a brand name. Acer claims that it makes no distinction between itself and its suppliers—in the company's own words, "… (our company) likens its relationships within the supply chain to that of a community" (Acer Corporate Environmental Report, 2005). To outperform the other brand names in the EU/American market, Acer, the world's No. 3 vendor, has masqueraded as an environmental leader by sponsoring an international forum on corporate social responsibility (CSR) on December 16 and 17, 2008.

The preparations for this forum have been underway for quite a while and the invitations have been sent to Acer's suppliers in Taiwan and abroad as well as to its investor groups. Among the invited guests, it is worth noting that Greenpeace, the renowned international environmental organization, received an invitation a couple months ago with much pomp and circumstance. Interestingly, however, local environmental organizations and residents in the local communities who have suffered from the pollutions produced by Acer's suppliers—the genuine victims of health risks—have been left off of the guest list. The registration was open to the public on December 10, just a few days before the event is scheduled to take place. According to the event organizer, the organizations/individuals who register to participate in the event will not be confirmed until December 12.

The Taiwan Environmental Action Network and other environmental organizations will host a press conference, "3 Questions for Acer: Expose Acer's Disguise of CSR" in front of the Acer HQ at 10 am on Monday, December 15.
These organizations and the local victims will, through performance and skits, expose the real truth and irony behind Acer's statement that "…(our company) likens its relationships within the supply chain to that of a community."

Organizations included: Taiwan Environmental Action Network Association, Environment & Animal Society of Taiwan, Green Citizens' Action Alliance, Hsin-Chu City Environmental Protect Association, Taiwan Environmental Protection Union- Changhua Division, Wild at Heart Defense Association, Taiwan Academy of Ecology, Houli Township Agriculture & Environmental Protection Association, Green Party Taiwan, Taiwan Watch Institute, Green Formosa Front Association, Taiwan Friends of the Global Greens

WHERE: Main Entrance of ACER HQ
No.88, Sec. 1, Sintai 5th Rd., Sijhih City, Taipei County
10:00~10:30 PRESS CONFERENCE (10:15~10:25 SKITS)

Media Contact: Wenling Tu (0966700862) Taiwan Environmental Action Network