'National Birds' Stolen from Nest

by Daniel P. Chamberlin Last Thursday evening May 31st, six young Formosan Blue Magpies (Urocissa caerulea), the recently designated "national bird", were taken from more

Winkler Sues EPA

Robin Winkler, in his role as director of the Taiwan Wild at Heart Legal Defense Association, joined an alliance of several environmental NGOs in filing a demand letter to more

Saving What Little Is Left

Wild at Heart's General Secretary Lynn Lin (林子凌) was looking forward to a visit to the Alishan area late Tuesday afternoon (27.3.07) when she received a telephone call from more

Threatened Birds of the Huben-Hushan Area

by Mark B.Wilkie Huben; Photo by Mark Wilkie Important Bird Areas in more

Sousa Watching

Sousa more

A Brief History of Grey-Faced Buzzard Conservation in Taiwan

By Mark B. Wilkie Douliou, Yunlin County, Taiwan SR Moderator, Birdforum. more

Save the Taiwan Sousa


West Coast Industrial Development Leaves Endangered Dolphins Little Breathing Space

By Christina MacFarquhar Update: Click here for information regarding a recent Reuters article on Sousa chinesis in Taiwan. John Y. Wang / FormosaCetus Research and more

Letter of Concern Over the Recent Hunting of Raptors in Southern Taiwan

Grey Faced Buzzard Eagle: Photo courtesy of Richard Yu Please assist us in helping protect the Grey-faced Buzzard Eagle and other Taiwan raptors by voicing your concern more

The Ongoing Slaughter of Raptors in Southern Taiwan

Grey Faced Buzzard Eagle: Photo courtesy of Richard Yu by Mark B. Wilkie Mark B.Wilkie is a Taiwan based educator and birder. He serves as a moderator on the large more