Buy a patch of land, help save a dolphin! - Taiwan NGOs to present 'wet' land trust application to the government this Wednesday (7 July)

For the last three months, MFCU and other NGOs have been asking members of the public to pledge money to collectively buy 200 hectares of land along the Changhua County coast, more

Green Shareholders to Join Formosa Plastics Annual Shareholders Meeting: Call on the Wang Family to Consider FPG’s Environmental Devastation While Wrangling Over the Dead Man’s Fortune

Time: 25 June 2010 1330 press conference, 1400 shareholders meeting Place: Sunworld Dynasty Hotel, 2F No 100 Tunhua S Rd Taipei (northeast corner of Tunhua and Nanjing more

An Open Letter from Taiwan Civil Society to the Formosa Plastics Group

On 19 May 2010 as civic groups in Taiwan present the ethecon 2009 Black Planet Award to the Formosa Plastics Group we collectively appeal to that enterprise to use its money in more

Open Letter PVC Campaign / USA

Greetings and solidarity from the United States. The Center for Health, Environment and Justice (CHEJ) would like to thank ethecon for awarding Formosa Plastics Group, its more

Taiwan Route 26 Expansion Plans Will Devastate the Fragile Ecology of the Hengchun Peninsula

Taiwan Environmental Protection Union, Pingdong Chapter Chairperson Hong more

Robin Winkler: "Taiwan needs a government capable of self-reflection"

Thoughts on events surrounding the third phase expansion of the Taiwan Central Science Park. This is from an interview conducted by Bryan Chuang for the industry journal more

Taiwan High Court Acquits Smangus in Beech Tree Incident

                    Smangus Tribal Council Secretary                                 2010.02.09 The Taiwan High Court has officially acquitted three Smangus men who had been more