Suhua Highway: Second Environmental Impact Report

According to a report in The Liberty Times (自由時報) on 4/10/04, the National Expressway Engineering Bureau (國工局) is planning to resume construction of the Suhua Highway next more

The Blackspot Sneaker Is Here

Today, a handful of mega corporations generate a commercial, pseudo "culture" from the top down. Nike is the undisputed champion of logo culture, its swoosh an iconic more

High Mountain Cable Cars

An article written in June 2004 appears on the Chinese version of this site by Chiang Hui-yi concerning the proposed construction of cable cars in high mountain areas. For more more

East Coast Cement

Wild at Heart is working on improving Taiwan's east coast environment. We are working with members of the Taroko Tribe and other environmental groups to rid Hualian of the more

Suhua Freeway

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