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Human And Society

Human And Society

An Update on the Miramar Story

Emotions ran high after the announcement, on December 22nd, that the Environmental Impact Assessment was approved for the Miramar Resort on Shanyuan beach.  Since the more

Account of the Taroko Tribe’s Land-Rights Dispute

The Truku (太魯閣族,Taroko) people are one of several Austronesian groups living in Taiwan before the arrival of the Han Chinese in the seventeenth century. A group of Truku more

Islands belong to sea, not people

As a manager acceptable to all members of the global community, Taiwan could define the sea around the islands as an international marine reserve and such an more

Cowboys and Indians

The age-old battle of cowboys and Indians never really ended, at least not for the indigenous peoples of the world. They have been fighting for their inherent right to live more

Taiwan High Court Acquits Smangus in Beech Tree Incident

                    Smangus Tribal Council Secretary                                 2010.02.09 The Taiwan High Court has officially acquitted three Smangus men who had more

Taroko Indigenous vs. Asia Cement: Notes on Wild's Recent Visit to Hualien, January 2010

Adapted by Nicholas Young from Shi-Wei Lu's Essay太魯閣族還我土地運動2010年1月花蓮陳情小記 Hu Wenhsien, a plaintiff in our case against Asia Cement, passed away just a few days before more

Pig Farmers the Intended Beneficiaries?

A recent op-ed piece in the local press highlights the legalized corruption that we call "representative democracy" in Taiwan. To follow up on the author' more

The Value of a River? Ghost Language.

When speaking with people we need to use "people logic;" when speaking with "ghosts" we need to use "ghost logic."1 While maintaining more

East Coast Cement

Wild at Heart is working on improving Taiwan's east coast environment. We are working with members of the Taroko Tribe and other environmental groups to rid Hualian of more