Habitat and Ecology

Habitat and Ecology

(照片:台灣白海豚 / 楊世主攝)

Save the Taiwan Sousa


West Coast Industrial Development Leaves Endangered Dolphins Little Breathing Space

By Christina MacFarquhar Update: Click here for information regarding a recent Reuters article on Sousa chinesis in Taiwan. John Y. Wang / FormosaCetus Research and...read more

Letter of Concern Over the Recent Hunting of Raptors in Southern Taiwan

Grey Faced Buzzard Eagle: Photo courtesy of Richard Yu Please assist us in helping protect the Grey-faced Buzzard Eagle and other Taiwan raptors by voicing your concern over...read more

The Ongoing Slaughter of Raptors in Southern Taiwan

Grey Faced Buzzard Eagle: Photo courtesy of Richard Yu by Mark B. Wilkie Mark B.Wilkie is a Taiwan based educator and birder. He serves as a moderator on the large...read more

The Fairy Pitta in Taiwan: information sheet

Fairy Pitta: Wu Chong-han, Yunlin Wild Bird Association...read more

Projects, staff and our need for your support

Dear Wild Supporters...read more

Birds of Huben

Click here to download a list of birds recorded in the Huben area, which is to be flooded as part of the Hushan Dam project....read more

The Hushan Dam