Habitat and Ecology

Habitat and Ecology

(照片:台灣白海豚 / 楊世主攝)

Nets of Death

A pair of Tree Sparrows, Taichung County; photo by C. Lucarda...read more

What Does a Fairy Pitta Look Like?

Stop Hushan Dam! features a new Fairy Pitta gallery. Fairy Pitta photo courtesy of Richard Yu....read more

Monitoring Fairy Pitta Fledglings

Stop Hushan Dam! has a feature on the monitoring of Fairy Pitta nests and the movements of fledglings....read more

Huben and the Purple Butterflies

Striped Blue Crow (Euploea mulciber barsine)...read more

SAVE International Visits Hushan

SAVE International at Hushan Campaign Office-Meilin Village near the Hushan Dam site. ...read more

'National Birds' Stolen from Nest

by Daniel P. Chamberlin Last Thursday evening May 31st, six young Formosan Blue Magpies (Urocissa caerulea), the recently designated "national bird", were taken from...read more

Saving What Little Is Left

Wild at Heart's General Secretary Lynn Lin (林子凌) was looking forward to a visit to the Alishan area late Tuesday afternoon (27.3.07) when she received a telephone call from...read more

Threatened Birds of the Huben-Hushan Area

by Mark B.Wilkie Huben; Photo by Mark Wilkie Important Bird Areas in Asia...read more

Sousa Watching

Sousa Watching...read more

A Brief History of Grey-Faced Buzzard Conservation in Taiwan

By Mark B. Wilkie Douliou, Yunlin County, Taiwan SR Moderator, Birdforum. www.birdforum.net...read more