Key Points in the August 16, 2018 Supreme Court Verdict on the RCA Taiwan Case

    1. High Court Decisions Affirmed   Q1. Which parts of the court decisions are affirmed? Decision is affirmed and final for 262 plaintiffs, the 111 more

Ma-anshan plant not ‘perfectly safe’

During an interview with the Liberty Times (the Taipei Times’ sister newspaper), Tu Tze-chen (杜紫宸), former head of the Industrial Technology Research Institute’s more

Nuclear power is not the answer

When Typhoon Nesat slammed into the nation late last month, a power transmission tower used by Ho-Ping Power Co toppled over, causing a drop of 1.3 gigawatts (GW) in Taiwan more

Understanding Taiwan’s Indigenous Laws:A Brief Inquiry

Abstract Different articles explain the emergence of legal safeguards for Taiwan‘s indigenous peoples, and how the promulgation of indigenous laws can be understood more

Fukushima, five years later

  Five years ago, many governments panicked with Japan following the nuclear disaster that struck Fukushima. The risk of contamination made the world reconsider the more

Why We Don’t Need the Taipei Dome

More movie theatres and department stores are what Taipei needs the least. What makes a great city isn’t the amount of amazing large-scale constructions it has, but more